Rheology is used to characterize visco-elastic solids and liquids for their ability to store and dissipate mechanical energy. Common properties that can be measured on visco-elastic solids (polymers and rubbers) are storage modulus, loss modulus, load relaxation and creep. Visco-elastic liquids can be characterized for a variety of properties including viscosity, flow curves and shear rate tests. Both rheometers are capable of scanning temperature in addition to the properties listed above.

Location: Maryland Hall Room 43B (basement level)

Contact information for training: Contact Phil Chapman ([email protected]) in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Reservations: Google calendar.

Manufacturer: Anton-Paar

Capabilities and Options:

Instrument information and specifications for the MCR 302 rheometer 

Instrument information and specifications for the MCR 92 rheometer











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