iNano Nanoindenter

The iNano Nanoindenter is a mechanical microprobe system that can be used for nanoindentation to measure hardness and elastic modulus, viscoelastic properties of storage and loss moduli, and performing force displacement tests on structures.

Location: Maryland Hall 15 (basement level)

Contact information for training: Contact Phil Chapman ([email protected]) in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Reservations: HEMI Reservation System (Click Here).

Manufacturer: Nanomechanics, Inc.

Capabilities and Options: The iNano allows nanoindentation in ambient conditions. However, there is room in the instrument enclosure for placing an incandescent light bulb and temperature controller for some limited temperature testing above room temperature up to approximately 40 C. The instrument takes 1.25” diameter cylinder sample stub mounts.

Specifications: Max force: 50 mN; many other specific limits apply depending on the characterization that is being performed.

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