Lab Reopening

The MSE Shared Use Labs are reopening per the approved plan Maryland_Shared_Use_Lab_Reopening_Plan_20apr2021

  • Training of new users is not available per the approved plan.
  • Trained users with DMSE Safety records on file that need to start using the labs again should read the approved plan, and send an e-mail to  Phil Chapman ([email protected]) and Shawnya Poston ([email protected]) that states that you have read the Maryland Shared Use Lab Reopening Plan, and provide your preferred e-mail ID for use with the new Google calendars that will be used to reserve lab occupancy.
  • Please note, access into buildings will be secure during phase 1 and requires keys or J card with building access.


It’s expected that there will be questions and concerns that arise as we all work through adjusting to the new requirements and learn what improvements may need to occur.

Additionally, some users have very long experiments which are especially challenging for all involved (please discuss these with Phil).

Please note, in addition to the new room reservations, equipment reservations are still required.


Please send questions and concerns to Phil.


Equipment Reservations


iLabs VS Google Calendar Reservations 


All equipment requires training. You must contact Phil Chapman ([email protected]) to schedule a training session before having access to any of the equipment of calendars. For more information, please visit


iLab reservations are needed to reserve the following equipment:




Sample Polishers




RX µCT        


To reserve one of these machines please do the following:

How Do I Create An Account

How do I schedule time on calendars

How do I end my reservation


Google Calendar Reservations are needed for the following:


1700c Atmosphere Furnace 

Leica Inverted Microscope

MTS Tensile Tester


Tube Furnace





To reserve one of these machine email [email protected] to be added to the Google Calendar page.

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