Lab Safety Training

To help achieve a high standard of safe laboratory practice, appropriate safety training is required for everyone working in DMSE laboratories. Completion of this safety training regimen, including the annual review, is required for all researchers who use the DMSE laboratories.

The instructions to complete this mandatory safety training are available for download on this website. Following completion of blackboard quizzes and a lab walkthrough you and your trainer shall sign-off the forms (Blackboard Checklist and the Lab Walk Through Checklist) and you will turn them in along with a copy of your blackboard quiz results to the Administrator in Maryland Hall 206b, Shawnya Poston. Your safety records will be filed and you can be allowed access to the appropriate laboratories.

For use of the Maryland Hall DMSE undergraduate labs or shared use labs contact Phil Chapman for a lab walkthrough and to schedule tool training.  Orientations are offered every Tuesday at 4pm (subject to change and University closures), or can be scheduled as needed.  Please meet Phil outside MD 5.

For use of the MCP in Olin Hall contact Phil Chapman or Ya-Peng Yu for a lab walkthrough. Ya-Peng is the contact for FIBSEM.


Failure to complete required training in a timely manner, or a failure to adhere to established safety policies and procedures, will result in revocation of laboratory privileges.


Safety Orientation 2020

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